10.1.16 | Alisa Steady Art Promo Project

September was an exciting month for Alisa Steady Art - mainly because - I teamed up with a fantastic director / photographer / genius ideas man, Doug Vojtko (I'll post his weblink below), and together we came up with a promo video series about me, and my art. 

Had a blast filming (I've never done camera work before), and overall one of the best experiences I've had.

So, what next? Doug is in the process of editing the material into small bites which will be posted to my Alisa Steady Art YouTube channel (also new!). A lot going on this month, and it's only going to get busier. 

Check out my new 'coming soon' promo video! Really excited!!

As promised, here is the link to the website of Doug Vojtko, who is a mastermind of ideas, a professional through and through, and one hell of a photographer / filmmaker. He's one of my best kept secrets...<<wink>>

Information: http://www.douglas-pro.com/ 

6.6.16 | Art Exhibition Award

Whoo hoo! This past May I entered an online gallery competition for Animal Art. On June 1, the winners were announced (congrats to all artists!) - and I won a special merit blue ribbon award for my painting 'Tude. It was an international competition with over 900 artists entering from all over the world. **WHOA**

This year I am really working hard to market my art through artist competitions and gallery showings. So far, 2016 has paid off with a successful show in May, and now an award. 

I've been wanting to be a professional full time artist for as long as I can remember, but it takes work. Painting is the fun part, it's everything else (like marketing and representing yourself) that takes dedication. But, I'm so ready for it!

5.14.16 | First Solo Show Opened on May 13th!

Well - it finally happened! My first solo show opened at Swell Gallery in West Dundee, IL on May 13th! The show is called: The Animal Soul, and is running through May 28th. 

The artist reception was nothing short of amazing with a bunch of people showing up to show support. Probably one of the best nights of my life - you know, one of those 'big events' you'll never forget. And, it's really cool to see paintings hanging properly, vs. stacked against a wall in the studio (though I will say, the studio is awfully quiet while these paintings are away....)

Alisa Steady, Swell Gallery May 13, 2016